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Vibo Galaxy Collection Kitchen Pull Outs in Anthracite

ViBO's Galaxy Collection of Kitchen Pull Outs

The Galaxy line of kitchen accessories and pull outs is characterized by its elliptical wire design, an aesthetic upgrade over the standard cylindrical wire frame.


The Stylish Way to Organize a Kitchen

vibo galaxy anthracite upper cabinet filler
Upper Cabinet Filler
The latest advancement in the Vibo Galaxy Collection line of products is the new anthracite grey finish. While the standard finish has traditionally been polished chrome, anthracite complements dark kitchen cabinet interiors and exteriors.
The vast collection of available pull outs offer choice when looking for the perfect storage solution. From tall pantry units to base cabinet pull outs and blind corner angular pull outs, the Vibo Galaxy Collection has just about everything you would need. The new upper cabinet spice filler pull outs are another way that Vibo Galaxy has the storage solutions for your kitchen.
Update your kitchen with the new Vibo Galaxy Collection of pull outs in the stylish anthracite grey finish and make your cabinet interiors as impressive as the exteriors.

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