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Eureka SLIM for Modular Shelving Systems

Eureka SLIM is a chic, modular shelving system. The aluminum profiles can be cut-to-size and is easily affixed to the floor, ceiling, and walls via the correct attachments in any formation you can imagine.

SLIM is an ideal solution for closets on its own or integrated into a space to complement existing cabinetry. Tilting shelf brackets are ideal for shoe or presentation shelves and our aluminum oval closet rods fit perfectly into the rod holders attachments to truly complete the entire closet setup.

eureka slim shelf room divider
eureka slim retail store shelving

SLIM also works well as additional shelving or functional room dividers in open concept spaces and upscale shelving for retail clothing stores.

Choose glass, wood, aluminum, melamine or any other material that works well as shelving, or build box style open cabinets to add another element to your design.

eureka slim home office bedroom
eureka slim home office room divider

Vastly increase your design options and storage space with SLIM, the on-trend shelving solution from Eureka.

slim attachments

Shelving Uprights

Eureka SLIM shelving uprights are strong and sturdy aluminum profiles. The channels allow for different attachments such as shelf supports and closet rod holders to be attached and put in place with ease.

Angled Ceiling Brackets 

Angled ceiling brackets allow Eureka SLIM to be affixed to any ceiling regardless of the angle or pitch.

Shelf Holders

Use shelf holders to customize SLIM. Choose virtually any material including wood, glass, melamine, or place an open box or cabinet to add new storage within the unit.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

Leg levelers for SLIM allow the shelving unit to be easily set in place, then adjusted for a snug fit.

Wall Connectors

Wall connectors allow SLIM shelving to be affixed to the wall or flat ceiling.

Closet Rod Holders

Eureka SLIM closet rod holders work perfectly with the oval closet rods available from Marathon.

Angled Shelf Holders

SLIM angled shelf holders provide an adjustable way to add shoe or display shelves to your closet or retail shelving unit.

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