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Vibo Galaxy Pantry

Tall cabinet and pantry pullouts are one of the best ways to store a large amount of goods in one convenient and easily accessible place. The Vibo Galaxy collection offers several fantastic options for tall pantry units, all finished in the attractively modern Anthracite Grey finish. 

Straight Pantry

The Vibo Galaxy Straight Pantry pullout is a high capacity storage solution for tall pantry cabinets. The new Anthracite Grey finish complements the high-end Italian design and manufacturing of this product. The adjustable height frame mounts securely to the top and bottom of your cabinet.

Four different adjustable height frames and six different basket widths give you maximum flexibility when choosing the correct Straight Pantry pullout for your project.

Maxi Pantry

galaxy maxi pantry

The Maxi Pantry offers a solution for hinged cabinets where the baskets move out automatically as the door is opened.

A new and improved mechanism now works with 110 or 120 degree hinges and stabilizes the motion with an attachment to the side of the cabinet.

Adjustable baskets make configuration a breeze with multiple placement possibilities.

Customize your storage solutions to match your individual requirements while staying on-trend with the new Anthracite Grey Maxi Pantry from Vibo.

Tall Filler Pullout

The Vibo Galaxy Tall Filler Pullout is a fixed five shelf storage solution for narrow cabinets. Now available in the new Anthracite Grey finish, this ideal narrow cabinet storage solution suits 150mm (6”) cabinets with more than 1700mm (67”) internal height clearance. Running on three high-quality concealed side-mount, full extension slides with soft-closing action, the Tall Filler Pullout can easily handle a load capacity of up to 60kg (132 lbs).

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