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King Slide SIMLEAD Drawer Slide

Fully Integrated: Best In-Class Technology & Motion

King Slide's SIMLEAD is the world’s only fully-integrated Push-Open and Soft-Close drawer slide, offering best in-class technology and performance. Available in both an elegant slim wall metal drawer system and a concealed undermount slide for wooden drawers, SIMLEAD is an all-mechanical design and does not require any electrical add-ons. Technology that perfectly complements the trend towards wide tall drawers with hidden or integrated handles, King Slide SIMLEAD is your best choice.


Best Push Technology

Continuous Ever-Active Push gives the ability to push on the drawer front from both closed or partially-opened positions to have the same push-rebound effect

Synchronized Push with Any Point Touch enables the push to be at any location on the drawer front and the push-rebound effect will still work flawlessly

Full-Extension Push Rebound propels the drawer open to a fully-extended position from a closed start, with the integrated force perfectly aligned with the size and weight of the drawer

Perfect Soft-Close

No bounce back whether you slam or softly push, works every time to gently pull your drawer into close.

Integrated device that is perfectly in tune with your drawer's size and weight and does not need to be adjusted or replaced when you have deeper or heavier drawers.

Fully Integrated Design

A fully mechanical design that does not require any electrical components helps contain costs and complexity of installation. By fully integrating both push and soft-close mechanisms into the slide, SIMLEAD simplifies the ordering and installation since no mathematical calculations are needed to select appropriate push force mechanisms nor are adjustments to the push force required.

Switchable Push

A concealed switch on the bottom of the drawer runner completely disables the push mechanism from causing the drawer to open.

Vibration Safety Device (VSD)

vibration safety device

The VSD offers an additional safety feature that locks the drawers in place in the event of the cabinet experiencing a significant vibration. This optional device would provide an extra level of protection in the right situation.

Earthquake prone areas: In Canada, earthquakes occur along the West Coast, in the Cordillera, High Arctic, Eastern Canada and along the Eastern Seaboard. VSD can help to limit the amount of damage done by locking drawers in place and reducing the possibility for contents to be expelled or cabinets to tip over.

Recreational Vehicles: Constant motion, vibration, and bumps in the road can cause drawers to open mid-drive, creating hazards for occupants and an avoidable messy cleanup.

Technical Product Specifications

King Slide SIMLEAD 3rd Party Test Report

Total Quality

King Slide's SIMLEAD was certified by third party testing to greatly exceed North American industry standards. It ran for 100,000 open/close cycles holdings higher than standard drawer loads - ensuring a lifetime of perfect motion.

Perfectly Adjustable and Synchronized

Inside Adjustments

Align your gaps perfectly on your metal drawer, with ±1.5mm Side , ±2mm Height and Rear Tilt Adjustments.

Bottom Adjustments

Depth adjustment of ± 2.5mm with easy access on bottom. Also seen On/Off Switch which disables Push.

Synchronization Bar

With the synch bar installed, push anywhere on the drawer front for drawer to open.

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