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New Laundry Hamper Storage: Perfect for Your Home

Three styles of laundry hampers can be installed into cabinetry in the laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, or closet. Available in different styles for various cabinet widths, you will find a hamper to fit any project. Whether you prefer the doublewall drawer, bottom-mounted pull-out or a flip down and tilt-out storage bin, your dirty clothing will stay hidden out of sight until it’s laundry day.


Laundry Hampers for Doublewall Drawer Systems

marathon metrube doublewall laundry hamper 48 litre basket
Doublewall with Single 48L basket

Aesthetically pleasing, remarkably stable and reliable, the doublewall drawer laundry hamper system is an excellent addition to any laundry room. This Laundry Hamper can be combined with any compatible doublewall drawer system including our DTC Infinity Doublewall system. Available for different cabinet widths, this laundry hamper is a good fit for any project. 

  • Requires Infinity Doublewall drawers kit (sold separately)
  • Easily removable baskets with breathable design and integrated handles
  • Additional sturdy door-mount bracket to strengthen connection to door
  • Side-Mounted for 400mm, 450mm or 600mm outside width metric size cabinets (15-3/4, 17-3/4 or 23-5/8 in)
  • Load Capacity: 40 kg (88 lbs) when installed on the Infinity Doublewall

Bottom-Mount Wire Frame Laundry Hamper

marathon metrube wire frame pullout laundry hamper 35 litre basket
Wire frame pullout hamper with dual 35L baskets

The bottom mounted Wire Frame Hamper offers flexibility and customization in two forms. Choose between one or two 35L baskets or a single 48L basket. Mounting options include the wire frame pull out for standard installation with a hinged door, or utilize the included door mounting bracket to create even easier access by combining the door opening and pull out functions.

  • Door mount bracket works for both slab and shaker doors
  • Easily removable baskets with breathable design and integrated handles
  • Fits in 12, 15 or 18" outside width cabinets (300, 400 or 450mm)
  • Fits in vanities with depth of 21” and in cabinets with 6” top drawers
  • Load Capacity: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Flip Down & Tilt Out Laundry Hamper

marathon metrube flip down laundry hamper 48 litre basket
Flip down hamper with 48L basket

The Flip Down Hamper is the best option for small laundry rooms and in tight spaces. With a narrow depth requirement, this makes it ideal for installation in closets. Concealed behind a mounted cabinet door and tilting out to allow full access to the removable basket, this hamper option is designed perfectly to store soiled laundry and save space while doing laundry.

  • Easily removable baskets with breathable design and integrated handles
  • Door mount compatible for both slab and shaker doors
  • Suitable for narrow depth cabinets
  • Two size baskets: 35L or 48L
  • Load capacity: 10 kg (22 lbs)
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