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The New DTC Top Stays SE Push Lift System

The Top Stays SE Push series is a cost effective lift system from DTC that allows you to add storage to a space in a sophisticated and modern way. 

The compact lift arm for upper cabinets works in combination with unsprung hinges and opens by applying minimal pressure to the cabinet front. Push-to-open functionality is created by adding a push piston to the inside of the cabinet.

With an opening angle of 105 degrees, the Top Stays SE Push allows full access to the interior of the cabinet. The Phillips Adjustable screw is accessible from the front, allowing on-site installers to easily customize the lift’s tension to accommodate the door’s weight and stay open at any desired angle. The opening angle can also be reduced to avoid conflicts with crown moulding and ceilings.

Door adjustments are made easy by simply adjusting the recommended unsprung hinge: 105-CA80A675N


Three lift mechanisms to cover all common widths, heights, and weights:

  1. SE Lift Push 200-1000 PF Light Weight  105-SE02P-AL

  2. SE Lift Push 500-1400 PF Medium Weight   105-SE02P-AM

  3. SE Lift Push 960-2050 PF Heavy Weight   105-SE02P-AH


Our online PF calculator can help you select the correct lift system for your project.


Cabinet specs for the Top Stays SE Push lift system:

  • Max cabinet width: 1800mm

  • Cabinet height range: 240 - 600mm. Two (2) lift arms required for doors wider than 600mm.

  • Min. cabinet depth: 125mm

  • Door thickness 16 - 26mm


Third Party Certified for 40,000 cycles, giving you peace of mind that the Top Stays SE Push will continue to function properly after years of regular use.

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