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Turn Float Into Furniture

The FLOAT modular shelving unit from Eureka is a great way to create custom floating shelving for virtually any room in the home. Since it’s launch at Marathon, we’ve encouraged you to create free floating shelving or integrate it into existing upper cabinetry.


Now, you can do so much more! 

With the addition of leveling legs to the current selection of Float parts, you can now create custom furniture including coffee tables, end tables, vanities, and night stands. In similar fashion to the modular shelving units, Float tables and furniture can be customized to fit the needs of your clients.

The new 1-way leveling leg adds 10mm to the overall height of the support bar, with an additional 10mm adjustment range for creating a perfectly level table. The 2-way and 3-way leveling legs add 21mm to the overall height, with an additional 15mm adjustment range. Also available are two-way connectors without leveling feet and a bare metal hidden connector that allows you to attach one bar to the middle of another adding a seamless support system for tables and other furniture.


one way float leveling leg foot

One-way leveling leg

two way float leveling leg foot

Two-way leveling leg

three way float leveling leg foot

Three-way leveling leg


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