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SynergySpacers - Panel Door Spacers


SynergySpacers Panel Door Spacers - your economical, non-bleeding, and insertion tool friendly panel door spacer.

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Product Description

SynergySpacers are the ideal product for constructing perfect panel cabinet doors. Marathon is your exclusive distributor in Canada.

There is absolutely no bleeding into your panel from the material used in these balls. The material is a unique composite that is not oil/petroleum based like others in the market. These spacers are insertion tool friendly for efficient and fast assembly. Finally your cost is more economical than the older standard spacer balls which have been well known to bleed and stain wooden doors.

Product Advantages

  • No Oil, Carbon Black or Phthalates. Absolutely no bleeding into your panel door!
  • No process or tool changes. Use the same insertion tools and efficient assembly process.
  • Go GREEN and save some money too! Pricing beats the competition!

Important Information

If you are currently using a insertion machine with a petroleum/neoprene/oil-based round ball panel spacers, it is critical that you need to thoroughly clean your insertion machine (to remove any oil residue) before running Synergy Spacers through the insertion tool. Clean your tool with soap and warm water, but do not use thinners. This is a one-time cleaning that will get your machine ready for SynergySpacers and will not be necessary again. Talc is not necessary or advisable when inserting SynergySpacers.

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