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Top Stays SE Series Lift Arm


A compact lift arm opening solution for upper cabinets that works in combination with soft-close hinges.

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Product Description

The Top Stays SE series lift arm is DTC's most economical and compact flap door lift solution. Working in combination with soft-close hinges, the SE series is a perfect choice for your upper cabinet doors in any project.

Easy open with a sophisticated spring arm design that allows the door to open effortlessly and stay open at any position, with built in adjustment to compensate for your door's size and weight.

Product Advantages

  • Opening Angle: 105°
  • Easy to open with low force
  • Stays open at any desired position
  • Smooth soft-close
  • Door Adjustments via hinges
  • Tool-free assembly and removal

Important Information

Hinges sold separately. We recommend using DTC Pivot Star C-81 adjustable soft-close hinges. For cabinets wider than 900mm or when the power factor is over 1800, we recommend 3 hinges. For cabinets wider than 1200mm or when the power factor is over 2700, we recommend 4 hinges.

Power Factor Formula

How to Order? Use our easy Power Factor Calculator: 

Power Factor = Cabinet Height (in mm) x Door Weight (in kg) including 2x handle weight.
The supported power factor is doubled when a second lift mechanism is installed.

Product Specifications
Application TypeFlap Door
Door Height Range240 to 600 mm
Min. Cabinet Depth125mm (4-7/8")
Opening ActionProgressive
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