Wood Dowel 8x30mm Pre Glued Green
Part # : 04-5621-PLG

Premium Beech/Birch Wooden Dowels

8 x 30mm. Laser Sorted to exact specifications. Pre-Glued ready for insertion machine.

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Product Description

Pre-glued wooden dowels offer 100% glue coverage for superior holding strength. Significant savings and increased production are created by eliminating production stoppages caused by glue buildup and squeeze out.

Made from the highest quality birch and beech hardwoods, and laser-sorted for accurate and precise sizes. 



Product Advantages

  • Multi-grooved dowels provide superior bonding strength
  • Laser-sorted for accurate sizing and dimensions
  • Pre-glued versions available for easy application

Important Information

Plain Dowel Pin Tolerances
Diameter: ±0.005in
Length: ±1/32in
Moisture: 6%-8%

Pre-Glued Dowel Pin Tolerances
Diameter: ±.007in
Length: ±1/32in
Moisture: 6%-8%

Product Specifications
Colour Green
Diameter 8 mm
Finish Pre-Glued
Length 30 mm
Material Beech/Birch
Type Dowel

Product Application

Pre-glued dowels are coated with a Type 1 re-moisturizing PVA wood glue that is water activated.  Simply replace your glue with water.

Automatic Dowel Insertion Machines:  

  1. Clean and drain all glue from your glue system and inserting nozzle. (It is recommended that you clean lines with hot water to thoroughly flush out all glue).  
  2. Replace glue with water and lower pot pressure to between 10‐20 psi to compensate for water viscosity.  
  3. Fill hopper with pre‐glued dowel pins and begin.  


Insertion by Hand:  

The most common water application methods are: a spray mist bottle, a standard squeeze bottle and a pressure pot system.  

  1. Spray mist bottle: adjust the nozzle to a fine mist. Spray once or twice directly into the hole and then insert the dowel.  
  2. Standard squeeze bottle: fill hole approximately 1/3 with water and then insert the dowel.  
  3. Pressure pot system: lower the pot pressure to between 10‐20 psi and adjust the gun nozzle to a short open time. Fill hole approximately 1/3 with water and then insert the dowel.  

Note: You can add additional glue to be used with the Pre‐Glued Dowel Pin. You might consider this when gluing side panels or short depth applications to increase holding strength.