Tube-Its Soft Insert for 1/4" Groove
Part # : 25-1003

Tube-Its Soft Insert for 1/4" Groove

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Product Description

Tube-Its is a panel door spacer designed to help you manufacture 5 piece doors. As a GREEN product, there is no oil, carbon black or phthalates used in this proprietary material. Oil and Carbon black can leach into your door during compression marking and discolouring your product.

Product Advantages

  • GREEN product that will not leach onto the door
  • Reduces panel rattle
  • Protects glue joints when expanding or contracting

Important Information

Best used in 1/4" groove, minimum spacing 3/16".

Product Specifications
Colour Tan
Diameter 0.265" (6.7 mm)
Length 0.500" (12.7 mm)
Size 1/4" Groove