FastCap 2P10 Adhesive Thick 10oz
Part # : F2P10THICK10OZ

FastCap 2P10 Adhesive Thick 10oz Bottle

Two-Part Ten-Second (2P10) Adhesive in 10oz Bottle with Flex-Tip Neck.

  • Strong, permanent bond
  • Flexible bendable tip
  • Large bottle sizes

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Product Description

This is part of the FastCap 2P-10 Adhesive program. As a two-part 10-second adhesive, just apply the adhesive and then spary the activator. This will enable anything to stick for a strong, permanent bond. 

This Adhesive comes in a 10 oz. bottle with flexible neck for high volume use. Purchase activator seperately.

Product Advantages

  • Speed and strength
  • 10 seconds to bond
  • Start sanding within 60 seconds
  • Dries crystal clear
  • 4000 PSI tensile and sheer 
  • Breaks the wood, not the glue!

Overview Videos

FastCap 2P-10 Basics

Scraping and Removing 2P-10

Product Specifications
Type Thick
Volume 10 oz

Product Application

Apply adhesive to your material and then spray the activator. Stick your materials together for a strong, permanent bond.

Install Pictures

Apply Adhesive and Activator

Apply Pressure for 10 Seconds

Breaks the Wood, not the glue!

Install Videos

Demo using 2P-10 on MDF

2 Ways to Use 2P-10 Glue

2P-10 for Hand Railings