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Five Solutions to Your Blind Corner Problems

Blind corner cabinets were traditionally one of the biggest nuisances in the kitchen. Often becoming underutilized or unused space altogether, these odd shaped cabinets left an awkward hole to be filled.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Vibo have designed some handy ways to use blind corner cabinets to their fullest. Enjoy easy access to your stored items and a variety of options to fit any look.


arena blind corner pull out
Arena Blind Corner Pull Out

Uniko, Arena, and the Fly Moon

Specifically shaped trays that pull completely out of the cabinet allow homeowners the ability to use otherwise squandered space and easily access the contents of the cabinet. A soft closing feature makes putting everything back in the cabinet incredibly simple. Just give it a little push and walk away. Different options of bottom surface material serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Non-slip surfaces are available on some products and keep the items on the shelf from sliding around.

magic corner smart corner pull out
Smart Corner Pull Out

Magic Corner Pull Out and Smart Corner Pull Out

In a single pull, the Magic Corner and Smart Corner pull outs reveal door mounted baskets and slide two more shelves out from the depths of the cabinet and into an easy to reach position. The Smart Corner makes accessing the contents of the cabinet even easier through internal pull out shelves.

universal corner pull out

Universal Corner Pull Out

Pull straight out. Slide to the slide. Pull out the other shelf out. It’s that simple.

With two-way sliding baskets, both sections can easily be pulled out completely for full access to stored contents. Universal installation allows the same unit to be mounted for a right or left side opening.

super susan 360 degree
Super Susan

Super Susan & Lazy Susan

The classic Lazy Susan was once the best way to use the majority of the space in a pie corner cabinet. While it is still one of the most effective ways to store items and easily access them, the Super Susan ups the ante with separate baskets that pull out to offer increased accessibility and organization.

rolling corner pull out

Rolling Corner Pullout

Keep the look of your kitchen consistent with this innovative blind corner storage solution. Two independently opening shelves allow you to use drawer fronts instead of a full cabinet door.

Blind corners are no longer a waste of space with these functional storage solutions.
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