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Salice PIN Wine, Knife and Shelving Display System

In your ongoing quest to find functional and attractive hardware that can be used in multiple rooms of the house, as well as serve multiple functions in each area, the selection of products that meet this criteria are often few and far between. Most often you’ll find great products that serve specific purposes but are limited to that one function.

The Salice PIN wine, knife and shelving display system is the diamond in the rough you’ve been looking for. Salice PIN is a multifaceted system that can elegantly showcase your wine collection (or the bottles you haven’t drunk yet), and display and store your knives with ultimate accessibility. PIN also works as a customizable shelf support system that can be configured in any design you choose.


PIN Wine brackets are a highly flexible and innovative way to create a customized wine bottle display. Designed with presentation and accessibility in mind, PIN allows the individual labels of your collection to be displayed to show off the selection and eliminate confusion when searching for the perfect bottle. Accommodating all sizes of bottle including the standard 750mL, small 375mL, and even Magnum 1.5L bottles.

The PIN Wine system is also equipped with an information label that perfectly integrates with the display storage system. Sort and label by vintage, varietal, region, or whatever classification is most important to you.


Arrange all of your kitchen knives to the exact specifications you’d like with the Salice PIN Knife system. PIN allows all of your knives to be easily accessible while preparing meals and the wood panel gives an additional aesthetic value that lends another design touch to your space. The innovative compression spring mechanism allows your knives to be stably and securely displayed.


Salice PIN Shelf supports offer a creative and flexible way to arrange shelves of any material in virtually any area of the home. Position shelves at any height, in any order, and fully customize your home storage to fit your needs.

Recommended: Shelves with a maximum depth of 160 mm (6.3”)

PIN can also perform double duty when it comes to its kitchen functionality. Use it to display wine and  knives simultaneously, making the chef’s two most necessary tools available at all times. For the triple threat, add a row of shelves and create the most functional backsplash in the kitchen industry.

The Salice PIN wine, knife and shelf display system is another innovative and quality product by Salice. Based in Italy, and founded in 1926, Salice is a global player in the home hardware and solutions industry. ISO 9001 and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT system ISO 14001 certified.

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