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The New DTC Top Stays SQ Push Lift System

The Top Stays SQ Push series is a high-quality lift system from DTC. Its premium construction is matched by its ease-of-use, making this push-to-open lift system an ideal choice for upper cabinets in modern, handleless kitchens.

Featuring tool free assembly and removal and no requirement for additional hinges or handles, the Top Stays SQ Push lift system is easy to install and adds a level of sophistication to your designs that will wow your clients and add more to your bottom line. 

Fully Customizable to perfectly suit any requirements

  • Standard opening angle: 107 degrees

  • Opening angle can be adjusted to any desired opening angle, making Top Stays SQ Push ideal for any situation


  • Cabinet height: 250mm - 600mm

  • Cabinet width up to 1200mm

  • Door thickness: 16mm - 28mm

  • Three way adjustable door positioning: +/- 2mm adjustments for height, depth, and side-to-side



Four lift mechanisms to cover all common widths, heights and weights

  1. Top Stays Push 580-1350 PF Light Weight (105-SQ02P-AL)

  2. Top Stays Push 1060-2450 PF Medium Weight (105-SQ02P-AM)

  3. Top Stays Push 1800-4000 PF Heavy Weight (105-SQ02P-AH)

  4. Top Stays Push 2600-5000 PF Extra Heavy Weight (105-SQ02P-AEH)

* Use our Power Factor Calculator to determine which system is right for your project.

Six different Cover Caps available

White & Nickel

White & Grey


Dark Grey & Nickel

Two-tone Grey

Dark Grey

Third Party Certified for 40,000 cycles, giving you peace of mind that the Top Stays SQ Push will continue to function optimally after years of regular use.

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