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What is an Organic Kitchen?

For the first time ever, organic kitchen design has replaced the classic kitchen as the third most popular kitchen type among design aficionados, according to the 2021 NKBA Design Survey.

So… what is an organic kitchen?

The organic kitchen incorporates natural materials, an optimal workflow layout, and open access to an outdoor space, connecting the kitchen to the natural world. 


  • Wood - shelving, accents, hardware, coat hooks

  • Leather - handles, furniture

  • Wicker - furniture, plant pots

  • Hardwood Flooring - refinish with a low VOC finish

  • Countertops - natural stone, such as granite or limestone

  • Cabinets -  consider organic kitchen cabinet materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and/or Greenguard Environmental Institute


Optimal Workflow Layout

Placing the right items in the right spot to optimize workflow is crucial to the organic kitchen. While the intent is to create a comfortable and soothing environment, an organic kitchen should be designed to increase the enjoyment of cooking as well as the space itself.

A few ways to simplify workflow:

  • Place waste systems near your prep area. This will save you time and energy by limiting the amount of potential spills or drips from carrying waste across the kitchen.

  • Use drawer organizers and other storage options to create an easy-to-access home for utensils and equipment. The less hassle with finding equipment, the more time you have to cook and enjoy your meal.

  • In a connected outdoor space, place cooking equipment (bbq’s, smoker, etc.) close to the entryway to your kitchen. This will limit unnecessary travel to and from prep and plating/serving areas.


Connecting to the Natural World

There are few ways to connect your kitchen and dining space to the outdoors.

  • Large windows that open to allow in the outside air and ambient sounds.

  • Sliding glass doors. This will create a seamless throughway to and from your outdoor space.

  • A sunroom as a moderator between the confinement of being inside and the elements of the outdoors can potentially allow you to connect with nature year round, especially with our cold Canadian winters.

  • Plants and foliage both inside and out can help to create a connection between your kitchen and the great outdoors. 


The Organic / Natural kitchen continues to grow in popularity due to its ability to blend seamlessly into an outdoor space, providing more usable square footage without unnecessary costly add-ons to the structure itself.

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