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Why You Should Upsell Decorative Cabinet Hardware

You have many aspects to consider when designing a new space for your clients. From cabinet styles and colours to all the interesting accessories that can be added to make your client’s experience better, nothing is more fun to explore with a homeowner than their decorative hardware choices.


Give Homeowners More Choice by Becoming a Complete Solution

By offering your clients all the decorative hardware options available from Marathon, you are providing two great services for them:

1. You are allowing your clients to customize their cabinet handles and give them the opportunity to personalize their new space. Selecting cabinet doors, colours, and kitchen layouts is a fairly rudimentary albeit, important process for the average homeowner. However, accessorizing with the right cabinet hardware is one of the best ways a homeowner can put their personal touch on the space and take an active role in the process.

2. This process also instills trust in you as a designer / builder, giving your clients greater confidence in your ability to create the perfect design with them in mind. By offering your clients all available options and working with them to select the perfect handle, you are essentially telling them that not only do you want to create a beautiful new space, but that you want it to be tailored to their particular taste. 


Make More Money for Your Business

You’re in business to provide a great product and service to your clients, but to do so, you must be profitable. By upselling decorative cabinet handles and knobs, you have possibly the easiest way to make more money for your business, while providing a service that clients will remember.

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