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The M-Series AEON20 Undermount Slide

Undermount drawer slides are at the top of mechanical drawer slide technology. The concealed nature allows the millwork of the drawer box to shine without the eyesore of mechanical parts. Undermount slides are an ideal option for heavy weight and smooth operation. Above all, the AEON20 undermount slide is a cost effective drawer slide that offers many of the perks you’ve come to enjoy. 

Why choose the AEON20 drawer slide?

The full extension feature allows homeowners to easily access all of the drawer’s contents. Therefore, homeowners will no longer need to search for items in the back quarter of the drawer.

Nine (9) lengths are available (250mm-600mm) to cover all of the most common drawer depths. Make sure to measure for the correct length to make installation easy.

The quick release locking clip allows a homeowner to easily remove and return the drawer to the slides. This is especially useful when cleaning the inside of cabinets.

The 6-way adjustment clip offers total installation freedom. By allowing installers to adjust drawer front placement on-site, your kitchen can be as perfect as your clients envisioned.

  • Height adjustment (±3mm)

  • Side adjustment (±2mm)

  • Forward / backward adjustment (±2mm)


With a dynamic load capacity of 35kg (77lbs), AEON20 can carry some of the heaviest household objects at full extension. For that reason, your clients can be confident in how they choose to arrange their kitchen and the contents of their drawers.

To learn more about drawer slides, check out The Different Types of Drawer Slides.

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