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M-Series Area Drawer Organization Trays

Our expanded line of economical vacuum thermoformed trays is now available! Made in Germany, M-Series Area trays are a highly-quality improvement to the standard thermoformed options on the market. Boasting three on-trend finishes - Silk White, Matte Grey, and Matte Grey Textured to match or complement drawer interiors.

Types of AREA Trays

There are three main categories of trays in the Area collection, as well as a knife block, a spice insert and optional side profiles. Arrange as necessary to provide the best drawer organization solution for your client.


Cutlery Tray (04-AREA-CT)

A multi-section divider that accommodates most small cutlery and allows for separations of each size and function. The cutlery tray is a must-have for every kitchen.

Utility Tray (04-AREA-UT)

The utility tray has multiple large divided sections. These trays offer a way to properly organize large utensils, including spatulas, ladles, and anything else that is too big to fit in a standard cutlery divider.

Spice Tray (04-AREA-ST)

The large Area spice tray is perfect for homeowners that love to experiment with international cuisine. Now they can dedicate an entire drawer or a large section of a wide drawer to their vast collection of spices.

Additional AREA Options

Knife Holder (04-AREA-CT-KNIFE)

Knife holder inserts for large cutlery trays offer a safe and effective storage solution for chef's knives and other related items. Replace the need for bulky knife blocks that use precious countertop space by adding this handy optional insert.

Spice Tray (04-AREA-CT-SPICE)

The spice insert for large cutlery trays has angled holders for small spice containers and small divider sections for packaged herbs and spices. This allows homeowners to neatly organize all of their spices in one place while making them easily accessible.

Side Profile (041-AREA-SP-CH)

Side chrome profiles offer three main functions.

  1. Sealing the organizer in place and virtually eliminating any movement.
  2. Adding extra highlights to the décor, as a beautiful product requires a beautiful finish.
  3. Hiding surface chips that may occur during trimming and giving your Area organizers the finished look they deserve.


Trays are available in widths from 200mm to 1050mm (6” to 42”), each in a single, seamless piece, proving to be a stress free and gapless way to cover all possible drawer widths used in the market.

Area trays have a trim allowance that covers drawer depths of 440mm to 550mm.

Trimming Instructions: Use a table saw to easily trim the insert trays to fit your desired drawer depth. Add optional side profiles to cover any possible cut marks.

Area Pre-Configured Kits

Pre-configured kits for Area are available to further simplify selling to your customers as well as ordering the necessary components.

Three Finishes

Silk White OR Grey Matte

These two on-trend finishes match the white or dark grey drawer sides of our Legacy Prima and Endura drawer kits. Giving you the opportunity to create a seamless colour aesthetic.

Grey Matte Textured

A highly attractive and unique finish that offers an elevated aesthetic when compared to the standard vacuum thermoformed tray. The grey matte textured finish also includes a rubberized surface, improving the tray’s functionality.

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