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The Magic of Contrasting Colours with Hardware Finishes

In the world of interior design, we are always looking for new ways to inspire and innovate. Contrasting colour schemes and hardware finishes are not a new phenomenon. However, at Marathon, we enjoy taking what we see you doing and adding our flair and products to it.

Our Fall 2023 decorative hardware collection features a series of handles from Spanish manufacturer, Viefe. The handle finishes contrast with the colour schemes to create a unique balance between the hardware and the overall aesthetic.

Arpa - Contrasting Purple with Brushed Dark Brass

The striking contrast of a bedroom adorned in a luxurious shade of purple, combined with brushed dark brass cabinet handles, forms an exceptionally unique style. The deep purple cabinetry exudes a sense of opulence and sophistication. Conversely, the art deco inspired Arpa handle in brushed dark brass introduces a touch of vintage elegance and warmth. This juxtaposition of colours and textures creates a harmonious balance between modern chic and timeless charm. The result is a bedroom that is visually stunning and a testament to the power of contrasting design elements.

Arpa is available in 4 finishes (Brushed Black, Brushed Dark Brass, Rustic Brass, Stainless Steel Look). And three styles including a small knob, a T-knob and 3 handle lengths.

Rille - Pastel Pink Complemented by Brushed Black

Soft pastel pink cabinets artfully paired with the fluted Rille bar pull in brushed black creates a truly captivating look. The delicate, feminine hue of the cabinets employ a sense of warmth and playfulness, while the brushed black handles introduce a sleek, modern edge to the design. This striking contrast between the softness of pastel pink and the boldness of brushed black Rille handles creates a harmonious fusion of vintage charm and contemporary chic. The result is a kitchen that stands out as a visual delight and offers an innovative take on traditional aesthetics.

Rille is available in 3 finishes (Brushed Black, Brushed Dark Brass, Stainless Steel Look), 4 handle lengths, and a T-knob.

Cutt - Marrying Camo Green & Natural Wood with Matte Black

Inviting warm camo green cabinets are seamlessly complemented by the richness of natural wood accents and paired with matte black cabinet Cutt pulls for a distinctive aesthetic. The earthy green cabinets infuse the space with a sense of coziness and a touch of rustic charm, while the natural wood elements introduce a warm, organic quality to the design. The matte black cabinet pulls add a contemporary and sophisticated edge, offering a striking contrast against the natural textures. This marriage of warm greens, natural wood, and matte black accents results in a kitchen that stands out as a truly unique and harmonious blend of rustic elegance and modern aesthetics, creating an unforgettable space.

Cutt is available in 4 finishes (Matte Black, Polished Chrome, Dark Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel) and 5 handle lengths.

Vann - Juniper Green and Dark Brass in Contrasting Perfection

The deep, lush tones of Juniper green, contrasted by Vann dark brass edge pulls, create an allure that captures the imaginations of homeowners. Juniper green infuses the space with an earthy elegance and a touch of nature's tranquility, creating a serene atmosphere. The dark brass edge pulls introduce a vintage flair and warmth that complements the green tones perfectly. This contrast between organic, cool green and rich, warm brass creates a harmonious fusion of contemporary sophistication and timeless charm. The outcome is a kitchen that not only captivates with its visual appeal but also highlights how contrasting elements in interior design offer a fresh take on kitchen aesthetics.

Vann is available in 5 finishes (Dark Brass, Matte Black, Brushed Stainless Steel, Anodized Matte, Anodized Bright). And 4 handle lengths.

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