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Diversity of Design: Summer 2023 Decorative Collection

The Summer 2023 Diversity of Design collection celebrates the diversity found across the interior design world. This collection explores designer, contemporary, and transitional design concepts in conjunction with complementing decorative hardware.

The four models of handle chosen for the Summer 2023 collection truly represent the variety of decorative hardware available at Marathon.



Graf Mini

Graf Mini is an early adopter of the now popular knurled texture. Offering a look and feel that elevates an otherwise simplistic handle, Graf Mini is a pioneer in the designer handle category.

Clean smooth lines, white with dark wood accents, and honed countertops are just a few of the tasty morsels in this designer space. The addition of Viefe’s ever-popular Graf Mini handle, takes this gorgeous home to the next level of design.

Contemporary / Modern Design

Clean, sleek lines and efficient use of positive and negative space define the modern or contemporary home.



It doesn’t get more modern than a low profile edge pull. Ona by Viefe is just the right combination of minimalism and character for many contemporary spaces. Form and function come together to give you access to all of your cabinets while complementing the millwork without overshadowing it.

Modern flab slab doors, fluted accent walls, and sleek lines with a monochromatic simplicity, bearhugs the essence of modern design. The Ona edge pull is the perfect combination, due to its subtle, complementary profile and projection.


Sleek curves is the name of the game with Lauro. A beautiful arching handle that is as comfortable to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye. Lauro perfectly suits most contemporary designs with its four choices of finish - Brushed Brass, Stone Grey, Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome.

The beauty of Lauro lies in its own diversity, being well-suited for both modern and transitional spaces. The brushed brass finish pops off both the white cabinets and the blue island, taking an otherwise standard kitchen and elevating it to a state any design lover would be ecstatic with.

Transitional Design


Now a staple in the Marathon transitional lineup of decorative hardware, Tudor has become a favourite of many designers. The classic shape combined with modern finishes is exactly why Tudor is an ideal choice for a transitional space.

White shakers, marble tiles, and gold trim are just some of the characteristics that make transitional kitchens so popular today. The comfort of yesterday and the thrill of tomorrow lend to the attraction and familiarity of transitional spaces.

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