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FlexBin and FlexStore Waste and Storage Solutions

Storage and organization are important components of setting up a usable space. The European-made FlexBin and FlexStore options from Vibo are great ways to add a home waste management or under sink storage organization system to kitchen drawers.

Adaptable to different drawer widths and working well as a retrofit application, the C-shaped molded parts screw to the bottom of the drawer and keep components in place. FlexBin and FlexStore can be mounted on site, by the installer, to the exact specification of the homeowner.


The FlexBin is a single, universal set of C-channels designed to be installed inside a drawer to accommodate one of four different size Vibo bins. FlexBin is ideal for waste, recycling, and compost, but can be used for any number of storage applications including pet food or dishwasher pods.

The FlexBin Kit includes:

  • 2 x C-channels
  • 4 x Mounting screws
  • 4 x Finishing plugs
  • 1 x Positioning template

Your client’s drawer height allowance and their own personal needs will determine the best bin for their application. Use the included mounting template to drill holes at the exact measurements required. 

Four bin sizes (sold separately)

  • 041-PCO-SM09-x - Single 9L bin (183L x 219D x 310H)
  • 041-PCO-SM10-x - Single 10L bin (183L x 219D x 370H)
  • 041-PCO-ME20-x - Single 20L bin (293L x 219D x 430H)
  • 041-PCO-LA30-x - Single 30L bin (365L x 219D x 460H)


FlexStore is a great way to personalize drawer organization and eliminate movement of stored items within the drawer. Choose from any of the five sizes to create unique configurations that make the most of your internal drawer space.

FlexStore comes as a complete kit including the desired storage bin.

The FlexStore Kit includes:

  • 2 x C-channels
  • 1 x Storage Bin
  • 4 x Mounting screws
  • 4 x Finishing plugs
  • 1 x Positioning template

5 storage bin kits (height 88mm)

  • 041-PVASM-xx 161mm x 194mm
  • 041-PVAME-xx 236mm x 194mm
  • 041-PVALA-xx 336mm x 194mm
  • 041-PVACE-xx 254mm x 126mm
  • 041-PVALT-xx 327mm x 126mm
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