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Interior Design Show Toronto 2024 Trend Report

The 2024 Toronto Interior Design Show offered up hundreds of amazing new products for the future of home design. As well, new trends were prominently displayed and discussed among the more than 30,000 show attendees. Some overarching trends and concepts stood out above the rest, taking centre stage in the show.

Organic / Natural Materials & Designs and Sustainability 

Sustainability and traceability was by far the most important and apparent trend at the Interior Design Show. From natural materials, reclaimed or new, to free form design concepts that encapsulated the natural flow of nature. This highly sought after trend permeated most booths, companies and products. Recycled materials and printed building materials made to resemble natural materials such as moss and wood were quite prominent. As the design industry moves into 2024, the concept of returning to nature has shifted into high gear, and will continue to do so as our society continues to cohesively blend science and technology with the planet’s natural elements.

Art at the Interior Design Show

Art, in and of itself was displayed to the delight of show attendees. Creative new ways of designing homes and furniture and solving everyday home and societal problems, could not only be seen, but felt by onlookers. Doubling as a museum for the up-and-coming design minds of the future, IDS was a gallery of creation and practical solutions.


Natural, colourful, functional, and artistic surfaces were all the rage at the Interior Design Show. However, the ability to customize the materials and applications was the true emphasis. High definition printed patterns on countertops and wall cladding offered designers another way to put their creative stamp on projects.

While beautiful surfaces are a fantastic addition to modern homes, an additional function moved this category into a whole new area. Acoustic surfaces in customized colours, shapes, and applications to help dampen reverberated noise were the most impressive in this category. Creating serenity reaches beyond the visual into other sensory stimulation, including the tranquility of silence.

Marathon Hardware at the Interior Design Show

Design forward thinking was the name of the game at the Toronto Interior Design Show. As such, we at Marathon presented some of our most eye-catching pieces of decorative hardware. We proudly displayed brand partners such as Citterio Giulio, Viefe, and our newly partnered American brand, Emtek. Designers were thrilled to see the interesting and unique handles and knobs available from each of these manufacturers. In addition, we took the opportunity to showcase our brand new customizable drawer organizers - Autograph and Imprint. These designer-friendly storage solutions can be tailored to your clients’ needs regardless of the drawer width, length, or depth.

Trend-Setting is the New Trend

While there were some specific trends that the products and services presented could allow, the largest overall trend was trend-setting itself. To be on the forefront of a trend shows intelligence and understanding of the design world. However, to be a trend-setter shows the strength that sets the very best apart from the rest - true creativity. Many products and presenters were very open to experimentation, as they, like highly creative people, understand that the way to innovate is by unfettered creativity.

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