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M-Series SpaceBin: Quality Waste Management Solutions

The M-Series SpaceBin is an ideal pullout waste storage system for the average home. Five widths plus two-bin and four-bin combinations offer multiple solutions for the most popular base cabinet sizes. An adjustable door mount adds a level of clean sophistication to this highly functional kitchen accessory.

Cabinet Sizes

The M-Series SpaceBin comes in five different widths to fit the most common base cabinet sizes. The 12, 15, and 18 inch sizes are available in multiple 2-bin combinations, while the 21 and 24 inch units are 4-bin waste storage solutions.

2-Bin Combinations

4-Bin Combinations

SpaceBin Bins &  Lids

Additional bins, as well as lids, both regular and carbon filtered to keep unwanted odours at bay are available. 

6 Bin Sizes - 8L, 15L, 18L, 24L, 29L & 35L

Available lids include regular or carbon filtered options for 8L, 15L, and a universal 18L, 24L and 29L. Lids for the 35L bin are also available in regular (unfiltered) only.

Other Features

  • Soft-close

  • Adjustable door mount - height +/- 8mm, lateral +/- 3mm, tilt +/- 3 degrees

  • Bottom mounted - easy installation in ⅝” &  ¾” standard gable cabinets. Can also be used in face frame cabinets (measure carefully to assure your chosen unit will fit).

  • 60kg (132lb) load capacity

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