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Spring 2024: Breathing New Life into Design with New Hardware

Spring heralds a season of renewal and exciting updates to both our homes and lifestyles. In this spirit, Marathon has introduced a range of new designs to our signature decorative hardware collection. We've also enhanced our current selections with additional finishes and dimensions. This new hardware is curated to expand your choices for your upcoming design endeavours.


New Hardware: Dalvik Pulls

Combine the coziness of warm wood with contemporary flat slab doors and introduce an exquisite blend of textures and styles. Fluted accents add a touch of sophistication. While luxurious grey quartz countertops, featuring lifelike marble veins, bring an element of opulence to the space. This eclectic mix of materials forges a distinct style that stands out for its innovative harmony. Enhancing this unique aesthetic is the modern Dalvik handle, finished in a sleek matte black. This choice of hardware adds a contemporary flair to your space. It also bridges the gap between various design eras, culminating in a fresh, new look that is both striking and harmonious. By thoughtfully selecting elements from different periods and combining them with a keen eye for design, this approach results in an inviting, yet avant-garde, living space that is as functional as it is visually appealing.

New Finish: Avry in Gold & Matte Black

Blend contemporary design elements with the iconic black and gold trend of the late 1980s and early 1990s. This concept ushers in a sophisticated aesthetic tailored for the upscale modern home. The incorporation of clean, straight lines throughout the space and the Avry handle, now available in a striking gold finish and the ever-popular matte black, amplifies the modern vibe, achieving a cohesive and stylized appearance. This deliberate simplicity in the overall design scheme allows for more intricate details. These include light fixtures and decorative pieces that take center stage, serving as captivating focal points. The result is a harmonious blend of time periods, creating a space that's both cutting-edge and rich with nostalgic flair, where every element works together to enhance the home's luxurious and contemporary feel.

New Hardware: Nara Pull

The timeless appeal of farmhouse chic decor, with its warm, inviting ambiance, continually captivates homeowners, and the addition of a Nara, a gold, tastefully modified bar pull, elevates this allure to new heights. This fusion of rustic charm and modern sophistication defines the unique character of the farmhouse chic aesthetic. By incorporating contemporary elements into the cabinet hardware, this style transcends traditional boundaries, creating an innovative and inspiring look that promises to retain its beauty and appeal for years to come. The deliberate blend of old and new, rustic and refined, ensures that each design element complements the other, resulting in a cohesive and enchanting space that marries the simplicity of country living with the elegance of modern design.

New Finish: Grantchester in Matte Black

Luxurious condo kitchens demand designs, accents, and finishes that embody sophistication and high quality. Integrating dark elements that absorb and contrast with natural light can establish a serene and tranquil ambiance, perfect for the heart of a high-end home. The sleek and contemporary design of the Grantchester pull, now available in an elegant matte black finish, significantly contributes to this refined aesthetic. This choice in hardware complements the space without overpowering any specific detail, ensuring a harmonious and unified appearance. Furthermore, the combination of meticulous design choices results in a seamless integration of elements. Each piece contributes to a collective elegance, enhancing the kitchen's luxury while maintaining a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

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