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Product Description

These are wood screws with:

  • Round Washer Head : rounded top with built-in washer for larger bearing surface.
  • Original Robertson® square drive
  • Lo-Root® Thread
  • Aster® Thread Feature

Lo-Root® Threading provides a single lead deep thread with a wide spacing for superior holding in softwoods and particle boards. 

Aster® Thread Feature is now standard on all Lo-Root® screws with a serrated tooth thread design, providing quicker starting, reduced splitting and less drive torque.

It is recommend to use only Original Robertson® bits together with Robertson® screws for a true "Cling Fit" that provides maximum recess penetration, holding power and driving performance.

Product Advantages

  • Original Robertson® Fastening System
  • With true "Cling Fit" in maximum recess
  • Aster® serrated teeth on all Lo-Root Deep Threads provide greatest holding strength in soft woods and particle boards
  • Sharp thread angles and points offer excellent penetration and engagement

Important Information

All Screws under 1" are fully threaded. Screws over 1" are 2/3 threaded to help prevent "jacking" when two materials are fastened together.

Product Specifications
Application Type Cabinet Installation
Bit Size #2
Drive Type Robertson
Head Type Round Washer
Packaging Bulk Case
Point Type Regular
Screw Size #8
Thread Type Lo-Root
Type Installation
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