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Product Description

The Bortoluzzi Slider S20 is a innovative sliding door system designed for coplanar movement of doors in cabinets and furniture. With both Floor and Wall versions available, it means you can install the opening mechanism on either the top or bottom, thus ensuring you have a perfectly designed aesthetic to your furniture. When closed, the doors sit perfectly flush, but the system allows each door to be opened independently with very little force before the decelerated opening kicks in and completes the movement. Closing again requires a soft touch before the silent and smooth mechanism completes the action with a perfectly synchronized soft-close.

Product Advantages

  • Decelerated opening and closing
  • Soft and silent movement
  • Coplanar double-door cabinets
  • 20 kg (44 lbs) max weight per door
  • Lifetime warranty

Important Information

During your design phase, please contact us for technical support on any Bortoluzzi Sliding Door System. We will ensure that you have full technical support to ensure understanding of the product. All systems will be specified by Salice to your project mesurements and require sign off before ordering.

Product Specifications
Cabinet Width Range 600 to 1500 mm
Door Height (Maximum) 1200 mm
Door Thickness Min. 19 mm (3/4"), Max. 25 mm (1")
Door Thickness Including Handle Max. 45 mm (1-3/4")
Number of Doors 2
Operation Coplanar
Weight Capacity Per Door Max. 20 kg (44 lbs)
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