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Lift Systems for Flap Doors

The contemporary kitchen has to be both attractive and functional. Achieving these results can be easy with the right selection of hardware solutions. Upper cabinet lift systems are designed to create easy access to storage areas within the kitchen. Lift them up, leave them open, finish your work, close the cabinets. No need to work around doors. Lifts are perfect for the cabinets above a fridge or hiding small appliances.

They also work very well in large built-ins that have multiple cabinets at varying heights. Use lift systems on doors at head height or above, combining with the Salice Pacta on lower doors for the very best solution.

Salice Wind

When taking something out or putting something into an upper cabinet, unobstructed saves time and makes a more enjoyable experience. With the award-winning Wind Lift System by Salice, ideal for a variety of applications, kitchen chores have just gotten easier. Available with soft-closing or push-open functions, and multiple styles of decorative cover caps, the Wind Lift System is the ideal choice for your upper cabinets.

DTC Top Stays

Attractive design and absolute functionality are the two most important aspects in today’s kitchen. The Top Stays lift system offers just that through an inconspicuous look, yet customizable design. The hinge-less lift system is an optimal upper cabinet solution for saving space and increasing access to multiple upper cabinets simultaneously. Available cover caps, white or dark grey, provide two great options for blending into light or dark cabinet interiors.

Marathon Lift Stays

Perfectly functional and beautifully industrial, the Marathon Lift Stay is a low-cost / high-quality upper cabinet lift system. Available in right or left side mount for wooden and aluminum doors, this lift system is an excellent choice for multi-unit projects. Combine the lift arm with two standard or soft-close hinges, and you have a fantastic way to wow your clients with upper cabinet lifts, while remaining well within budget.

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