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Salice EXEDRA Pocket Door System

Exedra is a pocket door system that can be used in a host of applications – from pantry units for kitchens, in living rooms for media or library units, in bedroom wardrobes, and in office storage applications.

This easy-to-install pocket door mechanism comes to life in four simple steps.

1. Order for your door size.
2. Attach the mechanism to the gable
3. Attach the door to the mechanism. 
4. Add your cover panel.

Exedra Product Specs

  • Maximum weight for each door: up to 30kg (66lbs) *with 5 hinges
  • Thickness: 19mm (3/4˝)  -  30mm (1 - 3/16˝)
  • Width: 400mm (15 - 3/4˝)  -  900mm (35 - 7/16˝)
  • Height: 1333mm (52 - 1/2˝)  - 2500mm (98 - 7/16˝)
  • Soft-close deceleration when doors recede into pocket
  • Push-to-open option available
  • Works with wood or metal frame doors

The Ordering Process

  1. You must complete the Exedra order form in full. Incomplete forms will be disregarded. Please email your completed PDF or print, fill out and scan. 
We DO NOT accept photos of completed forms.
  1. Submit a purchase order along with the order form. 
  2. Salice America will confirm the door protrusion and weight and supply a drilling diagram. 
IMPORTANT: A drilling diagram will be sent to you. You must confirm and sign off on protrusion.
Pocket doors are NON RETURNABLE
  1. Your custom pocket door will be delivered approx 3-4 weeks from sign-off (Ontario). 4-5 weeks for Alberta and BC.
In some instances, Salice may require changes before production can proceed.
For example:
  • If there is an abnormally large protrusion
  • If the dimensions are out of spec for the mechanism
  • If there are clearance issues i.e. no bottom allowance for a cover panel connector

How to order the Exedra Mechanism

  1. Complete all the requested values in the section “cabinet dimensions” of the order form.

  2. Choose the opening direction. Select the box “Right” or “Left”.

  3. Optional accessories:

  • Cover panel connector kit

  • Roller kit for aluminum door or 5 pc. wood door

  • Smove soft-close kit for door

  • Front cover kit: choose your colour

Cover Cap Connectors

Cover cap connectors are an add-on option, allowing for easy installation of the side panel that conceals the pocket and mechanism.

Space required for the panel connector kit:

  • A - minimum 16mm above and 28mm below the cabinet

  • B & C - minimum 16mm above and below the cabinet

Door Protrusion

This is the amount that the door sticks out from the pocket in the open position.
The standard door protrusion is 107mm.
Exception: If the door width is larger than depth of the cabinet, there will be a larger protrusion.

Important Information

  1. Make sure the form is filled out COMPLETELY

  2. If the cover panel connector option is ordered, check the order to make sure there is clearance (“Height above base” on the order form).

  3. If the door width is larger than the depth of the cabinet, there will be a larger protrusion.

Checking these things will reduce the back and forth with Salice’s door manufacturing department and minimize the impact on delivery times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your Marathon rep. Send your rep the order so we can look at it. We need to see the dimensions before we can answer your question.

Please Note: This system is a custom order that requires at least 3-4 weeks lead time (Ontario). Please add approximately one week to ship across Canada to Alberta and BC locations.
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