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Salice Progressa+ Drawer Slide

The Salice Progressa+ is a fully integrated synchronized rack and pinion drawer slide that is 100% made in Italy. Install it on every drawer in the house, especially any applications that require a high load capacity. As well, Progressa+ is suitable for commercial use without the need of any stabilizing rod, thanks to its patented design and high dynamic load capacity. Progressa+ is available in full-extension soft-close and push-to-open.

High Load Capacity

With a static load capacity of 77kg (170lbs) and a dynamic load capacity of 70kg (154lbs), F70 is ideal for many home applications. Large pot and pan drawers, as well as deep and internal drawers for small appliances including stand mixers and crockpots. In the garage or basement, Progressa+ is ready for tool drawers and storage of anything small and heavy. The Salice Progressa+ is also great for all drawers throughout the home.

Progressa+ PUSH and SMOVE

Salice’s Progressa+ slide comes in two versions; PUSH (push-to-open) and SMOVE (soft-close). 

The PUSH version features a synchronized system that links the two runners, creating a single unit. This design allows for pressure to be applied to any part of the drawer front in order to activate the push-to-open function.

The SMOVE version features a fluid based soft-close device. SMOVE guarantees a smooth closing action on drawers of all sizes with internal loads of up to 70kg.

PUSH (Push-Open)

SMOVE (Soft-Close)

6-Way Tool-less Adjustments with Optional Tilt

The 6-way tool-less adjustment clip allows installers and homeowners to fine tune drawer front positions to create perfect spacing. Dials for side and depth adjustments and a sliding clip for height are all standard features in the Progressa+. You can also choose the optional tilt adjustment bracket to create an 8-way adjustable drawer front.

The following are the adjustment tolerances.

  • Height adjustments + 2.5 mm
  • Depth adjustments +/- 3 mm
  • Side adjustments +/- 1.5 mm
  • Optional tilt adjustment +3 mm via Tilt adjustment levers
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