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Top Stays Lift System: Power Factor Calculator

Top Stays SE Lift System

Please use our calculator to determine the correct lift mechanism based on the door's power factor. The critical dimensions to get accurate are the door's height and the door's weight. When calculating the door weight, we always recommend you include the weight of the decorative hardware as this can have bearing on the function of your lift.

For any complex applications or when you are new to using Top Stays SE, please feel free to ask for technical support through your local sales representative or by contacting our customer service team. We want you to feel confident in your selection and provide your clients with the best possible motion and experience using the innovative and distinctive Top Stays SE lift system.

You are using the DTC Top Stays SE Push-Open Product Calculator


If you are using different materials, such as glass, please contact your sales representative or our customer service team for technical support.


This calculator uses official DTC chart figures to give our best recommendation but in all cases especially when your door's height and weight put it near the edge of a recommended spring strength, a practical trial can be recommended. If you have any question or concern about which product is correct for your application, please contact your sales representative or our customer service for technical assistance.

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