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Trends at KBIS 2023

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) ran from Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For three days, the newest innovations and design trends were on display for industry insiders. This year, a few trends stood out for their innovative technology, or their original use of re-use of design aesthetics.

Dark and Earthy Tones at KBIS

Many of the manufacturers at KBIS featured dark or earthy tones in the materials they produce. Wood grains on darker toned beige flooring and cabinets, contrasted the lighter wood trends from the past few years. Black on black, black with beige or dark grey, as well as black paired with vivid colours, offered inspiration to create warmer, more inviting atmospheres. Earthy blue and red tones inspired by the American Southwest were found in wood, tile, paint choices, and accents. All of these aesthetics create warmer, more inviting spaces.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Environmentally conscious product and design trends continue to be a major factor in today’s home design. At KBIS, many of these eco-friendly solutions were on display. Recycled plastics used to create new items such as storage containers and waste bins. Terrazzo flooring has also risen in popularity due to its unique ability to be made into countless designs and colour palettes. Since terrazzo is created by binding stone aggregate, it makes use of scraps from the stone mining and fabrication processes. One trend that has nearly disappeared from modern kitchen and bath design, is the use of face frames in cabinets. A reduction in face frames alongside minimalist cabinet design, reduced the amount of wood used in kitchens.

Movement (Functional) Hardware

In the movement (functional) hardware category, KBIS showed very few innovations, but confirmed that many of the trends released in the past couple years are alive and well. Due to their rigidity and reliability synchronized drawer slides are now the norm. Slim wall metal drawer kits in dark tones such as our Legacy Endura, were present throughout the show. But the biggest innovation was the fully concealed hinges. These hinges are set into gables and cabinet doors to be as minimalistic and hidden as possible.

Sliding Doors / Hidden Doors

Sliding, pocket and hidden doors have become one of the biggest crazes in the kitchen and bath industry thanks to some pioneering interior designers. The desire to hide away certain aspects of the home leads to some interesting new possibilities. The manufacturers at KBIS understood the trend and offered some innovative solutions. Pocket doors like the Salice Excedra 2.0 provide a way to hide certain elements of a room or showcase those elements in their own display. One of the more exciting trends at KBIS was the use of the Murphy door. A section of wall on hinges that, to the naked eye, is unsuspecting. However, once opened they reveal hidden pantries and storage closets.

Decorative Hardware at KBIS

The biggest trend in decorative hardware at KBIS was the finishes. Black, gold, satin nickel, polished nickel, and dark bronze dominated the displays. These finishes set against the aforementioned earthy and dark tones, combine a regal aesthetic with comfort for the best of both worlds.

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