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The New Vibo Flymoon 3.0

The newly upgraded Flymoon 3.0 is the quintessential blind corner storage solution. It features three basket sizes, two on-trend colours, and an easy-to-install universal left/right arm mechanism. Its high-quality European construction allows the Vibo Flymoon 3.0 to outperform the competition in every way.

What’s New?

Three Basket Sizes

To accommodate the most popular corner cabinet dimensions, Flymoon 3.0 is available in three basket sizes. 400mm (16”), 450mm (18”), 600mm (24”).

Note: Flymoon 3.0 baskets are directional. When ordering please specify which opening direction you require.
Pro Tip: To easily determine which direction you require, stand in front of the full cabinet. Whichever side the Flymoon opens to, is your direction.

Two On-trend Colours

Anthracite Grey has been growing in popularity over the past few years. This on-trend colour is the perfect addition to dark coloured kitchens and an attractive accent to light coloured and white kitchen cabinets. If your clients are searching for an option to match their white or light coloured kitchens, the new white baskets with chrome rails are an excellent choice.

Flymoon Universal Arm Mechanism

To simplify the ordering process, the new universal left/right arm mechanism works with all three basket sizes. 

Easy installation saves time on-site, allowing installers to concentrate on other aspects of the job.

The new post is tall enough to meet North American standards without an adapter, further simplifying the ordering process.

Soft-Close Damper (Optional)

For smooth soft-close action, add the optional Soft-Close Damper. Sold as a pair, one (1) for each arm of the Universal arm mechanism, the easy-to-install* soft-close damper quickly turns your standard Flymoon 3.0 into the ultimate soft-closing blind corner storage solution.

*Recommended: Add soft-close dampers at time of initial product installation.

Providing top tier convenience to a homeowner by transforming a blind corner into fully usable storage space, limiting on-site installation time, and simplification of the ordering process, make the Vibo Flymoon 3.0 the ultimate addition to any kitchen project.

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