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Puck Light Installation Jig

True Position Tools

Install wire and puck lights in 5/8″ or 3/4″ panels without using a false bottom! Includes jig body, 2-1/4" forstner guide, 2-1/4" and 2-1/8" forstner bits, 12" drill bit, and durable carrying case.

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Product Description

The LED Puck Light Installation Jig Kit is everything you need to start making a profit with LED lighting. Save time and money by installing a wire and puck lights in 5⁄8” or 3⁄4” panels without using false bottoms and create a cleaner, custom look.  Could also be used for strip lights, switches and concealing wires.

Product Advantages

  • Revolutionary design eliminates false bottoms / cabinet build-ups
  • Included drill bits cover 95% of LED puck light sizes
  • Conceals wires and lights in panels as thin as 5/8”
  • Can be used with puck lights and strip lights
  • Forstner bits of 2 1⁄4” and 2 1⁄8” w/ depth stops are included 
  • Long wire drill bit - 3⁄8” x 12” length with stop collar is included
  • Aluminum jig body with split-bushings
  • Comes in durable hard plastic carrying case


Puck Light Jig Installation Video
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