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M-Series AEON20 Soft-Close Undermount Drawer Slide


The M-Series Aeon20 full-extension soft-close undermount is a cost-effective drawer slide for most residential and commercial applications.

Product Description

The Aeon20 (M-Series) full extension soft-close undermount slide comes with a 6-way adjustment clip for a total installation freedom and carries a load capacity of 35kg (77lbs).

Product Advantages

  • Full extension
  • Adjustable soft-close
  • 9 lengths available (250mm-600mm)
  • Included: 6-way adjustment clip
  • Height adjustment (+3mm)
  • Lateral side adjustment (±2mm)
  • Forward / backward adjustment (±2mm)
  • Optional: 2-way adjustment clip (height adjustment only) for narrow drawers (approx. 170mm)

Important Information

Covered under the Marathon Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Product Specifications
Closing Type Soft-Close
Drawer System M-Series Fusion
Drawer Type Standard Drawer
Load Capacity 35 kg (77 lbs)
Slide Extension Type Full-Extension
Slide Type Undermount
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